When Nilly Met Nelly, the Hungry Hungry Ele

When Nilly Met Nelly, the Hungry Hungry Ele is now available through Mascot Books and other online vendors such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble! If you’re an educator and interested in teaching your students about human-elephant conflict, please email me for a free e-copy of the book. 

When Nilly encounters a young elephant named Nelly stealing bananas from her farm in India, she tries to scare her away out of fear. Though realizing that Nelly is harmless and wants to be her friend, Nilly lets her continue to eat the bananas. How much can one tiny elephant eat, right? But the next day Nelly returns with two more elephants, and within a few days there’s an entire group! Realizing she needs to protect her family farm, Nilly tries all of the local remedies to make the elephants leave. Will she be able to save her family’s farm without losing her new friend Nelly?

quote-imageWhen Nilly Met Nelly, the Hungry Hungry Ele is a rhyming picture book that brings to life the issue of human-wildlife conflict through the lens of a young banana farmer in India and a hungry, determined little elephant. With an increasing human population and the rapid conversion of land into agricultural fields, elephants are being pushed into smaller habitats with diminishing access to food resources. If you were an elephant and stumbled upon a farm of fresh fruits, wouldn’t you want to stop for a bite to eat? Set on a global stage, the story teaches readers about the importance of sharing land with local wildlife, whether it’s a tiny animal in your garden or a massive elephant in your field.

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Illustrations by Amelia Grace Gossman

We would like to extend an elephant sized THANK YOU to everyone who helped support our Kickstarter campaign to bring this story to life! We couldn’t have done it without you!!