Meet My Illustrators!

Amelia Grace Gossman

I can’t say enough about Amelia Grace Gossman and her work! First and foremost, she’s an absolute pleasure to work with. My communication involves sneaking in an email at work or before bed, and she always responds promptly and with great enthusiasm. We were introduced through a mutual friend, and after seeing her work, I knew I wanted to collaborate. Somehow we still haven’t met in person, but we’re apparently on the same wavelength as she’s produced illustrations I didn’t even know I wanted until I saw them!

Our first project together was a customized story about an animal no one has ever heard of. Using advice from the PiBoIdMo (thanks, Tara!), I didn’t provide any details on illustrations. I’ve seen her work and told her to just run with it. She came back with awesome sketches that turned into gorgeous pages. I loved them so much that I asked her to create my logo.

Check out her work at and see some sneak peeks from Cameron’s Quest for the secret saola below!


Nicole Condon 

What’s better than an insanely supportive, awesome friend? One who is an amazing artist and can help bring your books to life! I’ve worked with Nicole on my last two customized books and have had such a great experience! Check out some of her work below: