Happy World Pangolin Day!

Happy (belated) World Pangolin Day! Some of you may have noticed that my logo is a pangolin. I chose this little creature because it is one of the most trafficked mammals on the planet and no one really knows what it is. This is why I write- to connect kids with the wildlife of the world that they may not otherwise know about.

One of my internships in college involved environmental outreach in city schools. While prepping for a lesson, one of our mentors noted that some of these kids have never seen water before- Wait, what? We’re going in to teach them about wetlands, and none of them have seen water?

This stuck with me and is a perfect example of why environmental education is so important. Even if we can’t get kids to water (which we should!), we can bring water to them. So grab your little one and follow a link below to learn all about pangolins!






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