Suitcase Sentiments #NY16SCBWI

On the eve of registering for the 17th Annual SCBWI Winter Conference, I was still on the fence about going. For me, the scariest part about pursuing publication was admitting it was something I wanted to do.When I expressed this fear to a few of my coworkers, they essentially said get over it and do it in one line: If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

Hi, I’m Gia, and I’m a children’s book author (Hi, Gia). 

Whew, that was scary. Thanks to Nilanga and Robin for lovingly shoving me into this! And to my husband, for allowing our house to look like a children’s library, reading through dozens and dozens of picture books with me, being my second pair of eyes and providing a pen when ideas randomly strike.

I also owe a big thank you to Tara Lazar and all of her guest bloggers! This year I participated in PiBoIdMo ( for the first time, and it was through this challenge that I truly started thinking of myself as a writer. Thank you so much for hosting!!!

Alright, scary part over. It is now that I pack my suitcase and journey into the wild (of NYC). See you soon, SCBWI!




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