Dear Reader/Dreamer/Singer/Snacker/Animal Lover/ Birder/ Any Other Human/Monster Inspired to Visit My Page,

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Stay tuned for the Pangolin Pinecone Roll!

Wildlife and nature have always played an enormous role in my life. I grew up in the Land of Enchantment (not Disney World, but New Mexico), where I was surrounded by a landscape glorious enough to capture the attention of Georgia O’Keeffe. I then moved to the east coast, where I fell in love with the study of ornithology and received a degree in environmental education. This paired quite nicely with my love of writing, and thus my first conservation story, Teddy the Tanager’s Great Migration, was born.

My stories aim to promote environmental literacy and connect kids with wildlife halfway around the world. I especially love writing about issues and species that no one really knows about (what on earth is a saola, vaquita or pangolin?). In a world filled with such amazing biodiversity, there are plenty of stories to tell!

In addition to creating these original tales, I’ve begun dabbling in the world of customized picture books. I find this to be both challenging and incredibly rewarding. My first story was for a couple expecting their first child, and knowing how wonderful these two people are, the story wrote itself.

When I’m not writing or admiring the work of fellow authors and illustrators, I can be found kayaking, hiking, bird watching or cuddling my crazy cats. For more information about me or to inquire about customized stories, please contact me at giavanna.grein@gmail.com. Thank you and enjoy the tales!

Happy Reading,

Giavanna Grein




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